Pure NAD+ Nasal Spray

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3 grams NAD+ per bottle
2 sprays deliver approximately 25 mg NAD+
6 month shelf life at room temperature

NAD nasal spray is a fast, convenient, and effective solution for people who want to increase their NAD+ levels without visiting the doctor’s office. This intranasal supplement bypasses the gastrointestinal tract to deliver NAD+ directly to your bloodstream and immediately raise your body’s NAD+ levels. Two sprays of intranasal NAD+ are often enough to deliver the needed amount of this important coenzyme.

Evidence suggests that NAD nasal spray can effectively help improve brain injury and brain ischemia, which is reduced blood flow to the brain caused by damage to blood vessels. Findings from another study revealed that NAD nasal spray increases NAD+ levels in the hippocampus, reduce the death of neurons affected by traumatic brain injuries, and in some cases, may even prevent neuronal death following brain injuries. In people with low NAD+ levels who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and prion diseases, NAD+ can be fully replenished using NAD nasal spray to help prevent further cognitive decline.

NAD nasal spray is shown to be more effective than NAD injections at restoring NAD+ in the hippocampus. If you or a loved one has been using brain restoration supplements to improve cognition, brain function, or a brain-related disease, talk to your doctor about adding NAD nasal spray to your supplement regime.

Our NAD nasal spray formulation at GorillaHealing is superior to others because it combines NAD with RG3 (ginseng) and vitamin B12—both of which enhance the effects of NAD to make this nasal spray more effective.

Customer Reviews

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This product gets you the boost you need to get up and kick the shit out of the day. Extremely happy i found it


I have gotten NAD IV treatments in the past, and taken an NAD supplement, and NAD precursor supplements. So I know what NAD is and what it can do. I have been taking this for a couple of weeks and can't tell any difference in how I feel. I think my skin looks a little better. I could tell a pretty major difference with the other supplement I took, and the difference with the IV treatments is almost unbelievable. I did look younger after that, and felt amazing. I hadn't taken any other form of NAD for a year or two before trying this, so I would have expected to notice more of a difference when starting this. I'm recovering from a few injuries and procedures, stuck on my butt, sedentary. So I have some complicating factors goin on. Maybe if my body was in better shape and I was up and getting exercise, etc., I would notice more from this. I think there is a synergistic effect between lots of lifestyle factors and the supplements we take. Who knows? One thing I did learn about NAD: if you drink alcohol, you ruin the effects of it. I could tell a direct correlation in the past. I felt amazing from the IVs, and then if I drank 2 glasses of wine, I'd notice a definitive energy drop the next day, and it would never go back up. So that's just to say, if you want to see if this is really working for you, don't drink alcohol for a little bit.


I've Been Taking NAD+ Now For 11 days Along With Wolverine! Not only is there a increase in Strength There is a visible Difference in the Mirror! And 90% Of Old Inguries are Gone!

This is shady

No return policy, no description of benefits, do not trust.


Give it a try, it’ll only make you feel better