Pregnenolone Nasal Spray


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What Are the Main Benefits of Taking Pregnenolone?
1. Cognitive & Memory Function
Taking pregnenolone can have a fantastic effect on your cognitive function, as it helps to increase the growth of neurons in the brain. By enhancing the production of myelin, a fatty layer that insulates nerves and boosts their function, it leads to the formation of new synapses and acts as a neuroprotector. Studies have also shown that pregnenolone improves learning and memory.
2. Improves Mood, Depression & Anxiety
It has been shown that low levels of pregnenolone and allopregnanolone are linked to depression and anxiety and therefore supplementing their levels can have significant mood-boosting effects. Not only that, but it has also been proven to help control emotions, reduce negative emotional responses and improve function in social and emotional situations.
3. Improves Sleep Performance
Studies have shown that pregnenolone and its derivative allopregnanolone, can stimulate deep sleep, making it ideal for patients who suffer from sleep disturbance or insomnia.
Human studies have shown that supplementing with pregnenolone increases the amount of time that a person spends in deep sleep (slow wave sleep). This, in turn, can have a positive impact on mood, anxiety and even memory, helping to consolidate the other benefits of pregnenolone.
4. Aids Weight Loss
Pregnenolone inhibits the production of cortisol, which is one of the reasons it is such an effective stress reducer. This has the added benefit of aiding weight loss, as cortisol increases stomach fat. Similarly, by reducing cortisol levels, pregnenolone has the effect of naturally boosting testosterone levels which can increase metabolism and lead to weight loss.
Ingredients: Sterile Saline, BA, Pregnenolone Powder.

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Joseph Miller


Joshua Taylor

This stuff feels like you are sticking a red hot poker up your nose. Love the idea but its hurts like a bitch.

jean rodriguez
Got me jogging in the mornings

I've been putting off jogging for years, but I think this spray finally pushed to start jogging in the mornings.

Daniel Barclay
Amazing product!

Great service, but even better product. This is my second time ordering, and I swear by it. You have made me a perpetual client!

Ross Nagler
So far so good!

Seems to be working so far! Have only been using it for 2 weeks.