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The “Brain, Body, & Recovery Bundle” contains our famous Wolverine for injury and inflammation healing, among many other things. It also contains NAD+ For Anti-Aging purposes and last but not least, ADENOSINE, an extremely powerful workout enhancer. Decreasing the time needed for rest between sets and an increase in power output.

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Dannis Robinson
1st time buyer

The order went some and easy, the products were more than I expected It’s has only been 2 weeks and have quite a few notable changes , I think I will be a customer for life

Mac McPherson
Insane Recovery & possible anti venom

I just started using the Brian ,Body Recovery Bundle for about 5 days now and thank god i got started , besides the quick healing/recovery from my insane gym sessions, something strange happen to me today on Oct 17,2021, I live in Hawaii and I'm always at the beach in the ocean and i got stung today by a portuguese man o war like i have many times in the past and get the normal reactions swelling in the area of sting , itch, pain, , however this time within apprx 20 minutes red swelling & pain started to disappear and man oh man I am not a doctor or a scientists but this is the only product that i have added to my normal creatine and bcaa's, Im not positive its because of your product but if it is , un frickin believable I'm a damm Wolverine, Thank you much love and
Aloha my friends you guys are on to something
Mahalo Mahalo

Kyle McClain
So far so good!

Seems to give me an edge in the gym. Had an appendectomy 4.5 months ago and after a month back to the gym I started using the bundle. I'm lifting weight that I didn't expect so soon. Recovery time has decreased by at least 2 days. Placebo effect?🤷

Dwayne Jenkins
Works great

I have advanced RA. Your product has really been helpful. My im inflammation has subsided substantially, and been able to move around a lot better. Thanks