Brain Body Recovery Bundle


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The “Brain, Body, & Recovery Bundle” contains our famous Wolverine for injury and inflammation healing, among many other things. It also contains NAD+ For Anti-Aging purposes and last but not least, ADENOSINE, an extremely powerful workout enhancer. Decreasing the time needed for rest between sets and an increase in power output.

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Russell Wakefield
quick delivery

quick delivery and too soon to evaluate the product. If it as good as the quick delivery it should be fine.

Michael Tardy
Great Stuff

Never did I think I would see something OTC so helpful to the body. Thank you for this product

Cody Anderson
A new lease on life without pain.

I just about finished with my first 30 day "Brain Body Recovery Bundle". I've already ordered more. Just once in a while something comes along that works as advertised. I'm "77". Worked in heavy construction for 36 years. Pumped iron after work to keep up with my job. Osteoarthritis is a SOB. One knee scraped. Ten years later the other knee scoped. Had the right shoulder replaced. Surgeon said to manage my Knee, hip pain as long as possible, before more titanium upgrades. After years of dealing with inflammation and debilitating pain and two days after starting the "BBR Bundle" I have been inflammation free. It was an profound. No more NSAID's tearing up my insides. No down side. No side effects. No more pain. I feel like I did in my 30's. Sleeping better. Focused better. More energy after 30 days. Thank you "Gorilla Healing."

Jonathan Vasquez
So far I feel better

Been using this product for about 1 week and already feeling better, pain on my right arm almost gone! For sure I will keep using the bundle and wonder how my body will react

Amanda Hopper
Brain body

This stuff works. Pain in my hips virtually gone. Thank. GOD.