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lypholized BPC-157 5mg

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Daniel Weber
BPC 157

Great product for healing sports related injuries. I could not use my shoulder because of shoulder tendinitis. After 2 months of BPC 157 I am back to lifting weights again and pain is almost nonexistent.

William Fowler
I'm amazed, but it works!

I was really skeptical of this company and their products. They have a less-than-ideal history of customer service and storage/shipping practices (e.g. not shipping peptides that may need to be refrigerated in cold or insulated containers). However, I can say without a doubt that their BPC-157 (and Wolverine nasal spray to some extent) have been a MASSIVE help to me.

I have pretty bad extensor tendonitis on my right foot from weightlifting and hiking. I tried pretty much everything to fix it: icing, rest, compression wraps, shoe pads, NSAIDs, etc. A lot of it helped, but ultimately I still had tendonitis and I wasn't able to exercise nearly as much as I wanted.

Then I tried the Wolverine nasal spray, and I kid you not, within a day the pain and inflammation was already reduced. I was using a higher dose than the bottle suggested though (one of the criticisms is the low doses) and it was pretty expensive, so I decided to buy the BPC-157 powder and make my own nasal spray.

I got a metered nasal sprayer that gives 0.1 mL per spray. I dissolved the 5 milligrams of BPC-157 in 10 mL room temperature water to make a 500 microgram/mL solution. That meant each spray would be 50 micrograms of BPC-157. I've been using that for the past week or so and it works about the same. It's been about 5 weeks since I started Wolverine and homemade BPC-157 nasal spray and...I'm healed.

I would say my pain is down to 10% or less than what it was before I started. On good days, there is ZERO pain or inflammation, even when I am hiking through the woods on rocky, uneven terrain. I can do squats and deadlifts with no pain or balance issues. I can run, bike, and stand on one leg - even on my bad foot!

I used to wake up every morning with pain so bad I could barely walk. I could make it to the gym three times a week max, and if I did, I was usually unable to walk or jog there as I have for years and had to call a Lyft, which cost a ton of money. For a fraction of that cost, I have been able to get my life back and I'm feeling better than I have since my tendonitis started more than 6 months ago.

For now, I'll use the rest of this bottle until it's gone and then hopefully never have to buy it again. But if the pain does return or I have any other issues that might be helped, I know I will use this again.

To Gorilla Healing: I hope that you have fixed the shady practices that led to so much criticism online, and I would strongly recommend you include better instructions and adjust your doses in the products you sell. But that being said, THANK YOU. For a combined $100, I have saved probably $200 in ride share fees and gotten my life back.

John Coulter
Less joint pain

I've noticed a big decrease in joint and muscle pain since I started using BPC 157.

Using to treat chronic rhomboid/scapulae pain

I’ve lived with chronic upper back pain which I believe is caused by a combination of muscle imbalance/years of being a programmer/and exercise injury. I’ve tried physical therapy, oral supplements, stretches etc and nothing has given me relief as much as 4 wks of bpc therapy amazing

Leslie Mills
great offer

great offer wonderful product