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Studies show that ADENOSINE® is effective after a single dose (10mcg). It increases the ratio of muscle power output and muscle activation during early bouts of repeated sprint exercises, and prevents the decrease observed in the placebo group during later bouts. This demonstrates the unique ability of ADENOSINE® to activate muscles, causing them to contract with higher force of contractions, sparking gains in strength and power.

University of Tampa study finds ADENOSINE supplementation effectively doubles muscular performance

Both long term and acute studies have shown effects of nasal adenosine-5’-triphosphate supplementation on athletic performance, skeletal muscle hypertrophy and recovery in resistance trained athletes, including increases in:

  • Total strength
  • Power
  • Lean body mass
  • Muscle thickness

Train Harder, Improved Recovery

The combination of ADENOSINE and glucose will achieve a metabolic state that was previous unattainable in human history. Protein + Carbohydrates +Adenosine = optimizes mTOR activation to a degree that will assist in tissue regeneration and protein synthesis – both processes that aid in muscle recovery.

Δ Boost Muscle Recovery by 15%
Δ Decreases Muscle Damage
Δ Improves Glycogen Resynthesis

Peak Performance for Elite Athletes

ADENOSINE has been used by Olympic Athletes, Tour de France riders, Formula 1 drivers, NFL, NBA, FIFA, Ironman, Adventurers, CEOs and many other of the world’s highest performers to achieve new milestones in human performance.

Δ World Record Setting Endurance
Δ Maintain Focus Past Exhaustion
Δ Improves Glucose Stability

Tested by Tier 1 Special Mission Units

ADENOSINE is beneficial allowing them to maintain their physical and mental capacities over five days on the battlefield. A test and valuation group made up of Tier 1 military special operations units, SWAT teams, and professional MMA was formed.

WADA & BSCG Approved

Fully Compliant and registered with World Anti Doping Agency (WADA), BSCG, and FDA GRAS Approved. Made in USA & UK.



ADENOSINE is a clinically validated and patented form of Adenosine 5’- Triphosphate (ATP) Disodium shown to improve body composition and athletic performance by increasing muscular excitability, blood flow and recovery.*

How does ADENOSINE work?

ADENOSINE helps to optimize athletic performance through three distinct mechanisms of action: 1) ATP increases muscular excitability resulting in significant gains in strength and power, 2) ATP increases blood flow, resulting in improved oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscle and 3) ATP is involved in anabolic signaling, resulting in increased lean body mass and muscle thickness.*

What is Muscular Excitability?

Muscular excitability refers to the ability to activate muscle, thereby causing it to contract. The greater the excitability of the muscle the greater its force, velocity, and endurance properties will be. Muscle is excited by the release of calcium into the cell. Calcium serves as the trigger for contraction. ADENOSINE works by increasing and sustaining the amount of calcium available to the muscle, which boosts muscular excitability. The result is the athlete will lift greater weights and produce a greater number of repetitions per set.

How does ADENOSINE Improve Blood Flow?

Red blood cells release ATP into the blood when muscles are fatigued, causing vasodilation to occur. ADENOSINE supplementation increases the amount of ATP available in red blood cells. As a result of more ATP being available, significant increases in blood flow, oxygen delivery and clearance of metabolic waste products such as lactate are obtained.

WAIT….How much is in a 10mL bottle?

We give you 4mg of ADENOSINE, each spray being 40mcg, enough to bench press a house.

A 10 mL bottle typically delivers around 100 sprays of ADENOSINE, a 100 day supply.

Ingredients: Sterile Saline, ATP Powder.

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10mL (30 Day), 20mL (60 Day), 30mL (90 Day)

Customer Reviews

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Carrie Borntrager

Well , it seems to work for me. More energy while working out and I've been dealing with RSV with a nagging cough and I'm coughing much less. I do 4 sprays two per nostrils , Currently waiting to have both knees replace, so right now I a few heath issues but this spray seems to give me energy and help with my aches & pain. My next order will be this along with the wolverine spray.

Mike Lovelace
I believe it is working, I am 71

I used it 2 times, but I have not receive my last order
NO. 97335 on 11/8/23

John Davis

Burns the hell out of my nose very uncomfortable 14 days on and really haven’t noticed much difference

David Day
Spray applicator

I have been unable to use the the products because both pump apparatus are broken

Robert Hill
So far so good...

30 days in and starting to notice an impact. thinking maybe I should try for another 30 days. I have heard of good results after day 60...