GorillaHealing Better Than Ashwagandha

Better Than Ashwagandha

As the North American leader in BPC-157 and other peptide based performance enhancing and injury healing solutions Gorilla Healing is often asked how do we maintain the same and often better efficacy with intranasal delivery of peptides versus intramuscular injection which is commonly used by Athletes and Bodybuilders.

Fortunately we didn’t pull this methodology out of a magic hat and decided to sell a bogus product to the world (we’re veteran owned and morally fortified). It’s common for the benefits of Wolverine nasal spray to evoke emotional responses like “snake oil”, “fake reviews”, etc  in some of our facebook ad comments which are often a combination of competitors and a frustrated pain relief market that has been seeking whatever means of pain relief possible only to be chronically disappointed and let down time after time. Gorilla Healing along with research published on nih.gov identified early that intranasal delivery does in fact provide non-invasive means to bypass the brain blood barrier rendering it effective. Notably peptides have a natural ability to travel throughout the body and attach to injured cells as they journey through the bloodstream. 

As daily users and early adopters of BPC-157 and various other peptide products we identified the need to avoid the common dangers associated with needle use which include but are not limited to bacteria, blood borne illness, trypanophobia, environmental contamination and other unpredictable factors. Intranasal delivery proved to be this solution with the added benefits of convenience, peptide preservation, rapid absorption via the nasal mucosa, and sufficient bioavailability to produce the Wolverine Healing results experienced by thousands of happy customers. 

Additionally we often receive x-rays, mri’s and other advanced imagery from clients stating we’ve healed various ailments from torn ACL’s to carpal tunnel. Just take a look at this evidence recently sent by a loyal customer Trinkette Parker. 


 Trinkette Parker Shares Her Astounding Results

Like many others Trinkette found the Wolverine Nasal Spray product via a facebook advertisement to our product page. As the Xray shows Trinkette was in seriours need of carpal tunnel surgery. Not only was she able to avoid surgery with Wolverine Nasal Spray ULTRA 3x a day for 90 days of use but restore her wrist back to it’s original function (not something surgery guarantees). Over 30,000 customers have taken our once small sterile home lab operation into a dozen employee sustainable business where we hold each other to the highest standards of product handling, delivery and support. 

It really only takes just one bad review to stain our reputation so we relentlessly strive to keep each and every customer satisfied (no matter how difficult or pleasant you are haha) with our 30 day money back guaranteed healing results. 

Wolverine Nasal Spray


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Buy 2 Wolverine Nasal Sprays (any size) and get the third for 25% off! Coupon Code “buy2get25”

If you are looking for the oral versions of wolverine, please go Here

Wolverine is 50mcg per spray of BPC-157 and 20mcg  of TB-500 and Ultra is 100mcg per spray of BPC-157 and 40mcg of TB-500 per spray.

Discover the “Wolverine like” healing abilities hidden within peptides BPC 157 and TB 500 

Does soreness from daily activity or intense workout schedules slow you down?

Do you suffer from chronic pain from an athletic or workplace related injury?

Are you tired of pain and inflammation holding you back from your full potential?

If you answered yes to any of these three questions then you are one of many Americans who suffer daily from chronic pain and inflammation. Trying to live a normal life through the lens of this brain fog inducing cycle creates a systemic domino effect leading to additional symptoms of depression, anxiety, gut problems, mood swings and disruptive sleep schedules. 

Modern pharmaceuticals have relied on symptom filled drugs that invade the body with foreign chemicals which interrupt key balances in your body. Additionally the global non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug business is responsible for 121.9 hospitalizations per 100,000 persons/year according to a nationwide study of gastrointestinal events related to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory use. The mortality rate amongst these hospitalizations was a whopping 5.62% or 15.3 deaths/100,000 NSAID/aspirin users. 

There is a better path to relief and the secret is already naturally occurring in most all human and mammalian species on our planet. The solution resides within the amazing healing properties of naturally occurring peptides BPC 157 and TB 500 that are formulated and preserved in Gorilla Healing™ Wolverine Nasal Spray™. 

Wolverine nasal spray is bringing new hope to pain relief and healing. Keep reading to find out how this souped-up blend of peptides may help rev up your recovery and jumpstart a more normal and productive life.

What is “Wolverine” Nasal Spray?

Wolverine nasal spray is a supercharged supplement that puts the pep into peptide. This unique healing process contained within Wolverine nasal spray consists of a peptide chain made up of 15 amino acids. BPC is short for “body protection compound” because it’s derived from a protein found in the stomach where its role is protecting and healing your gut. BPC-157 is the ultra-concentrated version of that protein and it harnesses its vast protective power. Once it gets into your system, studies have shown to intensely speed up the healing of many different types of tissues—from muscles, tendons and ligaments to gut and even brain tissue. And no worries because there are few reported side effects and no need for a prescription.

“Wolverine” Nasal Spray is a scientifically proven peptide blend of BPC-157 and TB-500, see below to see its amazing healing properties. 

DIRECTIONS: As a dietary supplement, 3 sprays daily, either at once or broken up into single sprays throughout the day. Dose may be doubled if necessary.  The average suggested length for supplementation is 30-90 days.

BPC-157 is the most versatile healing peptide.  It is a synthesized analogue of Body Protection Compound, which is a protein that is endogenously produced in the human stomach.  This naturally occurring protein is responsible for protecting the gastrointestinal tract from injury, while promoting overall systemic healing, angiogenesis, and a whole range of regenerative effects.*

  • Promotes Gut Healing 

  • Back Pain Relief

  • Crohn’s Disease

  • Arthritis

  • Induces Angiogenesis 

  • Repairs Muscle, Tendon and Ligament 

  • Wound Healing 

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Anxiolytic 

  • Attenuates MA Damage

  • Regulates Hormones 

  • Generation of Nitric Oxide 

  • Improves Immune System 

  • Antioxidant 

  • Assists in the Production of Collagen

  • Nootropic Effects

  • Promotes Bone Repair 

  • Prevents and Protects against Drug Side Effects

  • Brain-Gut Axis Benefits

  • Antidepressant

  • Eye Healing

BPC-157 is the only peptide that can be administered orally, and as such maintains its integrity and effectiveness in the extreme acidity of the gut.

NASAL BPC-157 is the most potent and superior version for every kind of administration; in fact, the majority of BPC-157 studies to date have used BPC-157 as their experimental peptide.  Also, most of these studies used Nasal administration of BPC-157 or concluded that it would be the best method of application due to its enhanced healing of a broad range of conditions.


  • Harsh Gastric Juice Stability in highly acidic environments like the gut, BPC-157 maintains its integrity and remains effective over time. After 5 hours in gastric juice equivalent pH3.0, BPC-157 is degraded only 15.1% versus the acetate salt version which is over 99% destroyed.

  • UV Light Stability

Not only is BPC-157 the only peptide that can remain intact in the gut, it is also the only peptide that is not damaged when exposed to Ultraviolet Light, thus further demonstrating its superior stability and efficacy across all conditions and environments. For example, when irradiated at an UV wavelength of 253.7nm over 70 minutes, BPC-157 was unharmed and remained stable throughout.

  • Wound and Gut Healing

Endogenous BPC production in the stomach maintains the integrity of the entire GI tract, protecting the mucosal barrier from acids and exogenous substances and foods that are known to damage tissues. BPC-157 not only maintains the integrity of the gut, but also promotes systemic healing of wounds, not limited to burns, gastric ulcers, and lacerations by promoting angiogenesis, overall cell growth and repair. [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

  • Muscle, Tendon, Ligament and Bone Repair

By inducing angiogenic growth factor healing, BPC-157 has a broad range of healing properties. By increasing the activity of endothelial cell activity that line blood vessels, BPC-157 can aid in the repair of muscles, tendons, ligaments and bone. [8]

A study with severed tendon showed that BPC-157 accelerated the transected Achilles tendon and regrew it back to the bone via tendocyte activation resulting in full recovery. [9][10]

Spinal cord injured rats showed marked healing proliferation from BPC-157 administration, with significant nerve regrowth and improved mobility. [11]

In a study on segmented bone defects of rabbits, BPC-157 was shown to regenerate marrow, and thus induce greater bone healing. [12]

Crushed and severely damaged muscle in rat gastrocnemius was treated with BPC-157 and showed rapid healing. [13]

  • Cell Growth and Angiogenesis 

Research has shown that BPC-157 increases blood vessel growth in all areas of the body. [2] A study of chicken embryos demonstrated that BPC-157 increases vascular growth through the activation of cell surface receptors in the Nitrous-Oxide pathway, growing new vessels toward the injury. This implies potential treatment of heart disease,  overall cellular repair for life extension, and other general healing. [14][15][16]

  • Drug Side Effects, Ulcers and Heart Attacks

BPC-157 has been shown to heal gastrointestinal, liver and brain lesions as a result of side effects produced by the use of NSAIDS, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Cele-coxib, Ibuprofen, Advil, etc. NSAIDS are known to cause ulcers, internal bleeding, heart attacks and various other dangerous conditions. [17] [18]

  • Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant 

A study demonstrated that BPC-157 is a powerful antioxidant by reducing free radical formation via the Nitric Oxide system, attenuating duodenal lesions in rats by significantly decreasing oxidative stress. [19]

In a study on periodontal disease, BPC-157 was shown to display powerful Anti-Inflammatory effects on rat tissue at the site of injury, with increased overall healing of inflamed tissues and organs. [20]

  • Brain-Gut Axis Benefits and Antidepressant  

BPC-157 was shown to modulate serotonin and dopa-mine with central influence benefits. [21]

A comparison with antidepressants found that BPC-157 was effective in attenuating depression. [22]

  • Wound Healing 

In a study with chemical burns, BPC-157 was shown to rapidly accelerate skin healing, inducing granulation tissue formation, reepithelialization, dermal remodeling, and collagen deposition. [23]

  • Eye Healing

Corneal healing of the eye was promoted by administering BPC-157 directly into the eyes, [24]

By administering BPC-157 drops into the eyes, corneal perforations rapidly closed, with corneal transparency integrity restored.  [25]



Additional research studies performed on test subjects show BPC 157 as a potential treatment for periodontal disease affecting gums and tissues surrounding teeth. BPC 157 reduced the fluid leaking from the gums when an area of the mouth was infected and inflamed. In the studies, healthy tissues and gums in the mouth were completely unaffected by BPC 157.



Thymosin is a hormone secreted from the thymus. Its primary function is to stimulate the production of T cells, which are an important part of the immune system. Thymosin also assists in the development of B cells to plasma cells to produce antibodies. The predominant form of thymosin, thymosin beta 4, is an actin, a cell building protein. One of the main mechanisms of action of Thymosin Beta-4 is its regulation of Actin. This cell-building protein is an essential component of cell structure and movement which leads to its role in tissue repair. Tβ 4 has been found to play an important role in protection, regeneration, and remodeling of injured or damaged tissues. After an injury, Tβ 4 is released by platelets and numerous other types of cells to protect the most damaged cells and tissues and to reduce inflammation and microbial growth.

Benefits of Thymosin beta 4:

  • Calms muscle spasm

  • Improved muscle tone

  • Increased exchange of substances between cells

  • Encourages tissue repair

  • Stretches connective tissue

  • Helps maintain flexibility

  • Reduced inflammation of tissue in joints

  • Encourages the growth of new blood cells in tissue

  • Increased endurance and strength

  • Prevents the formation of adhesions and fibrous bands in muscles, tendons, and ligaments

Recent studies have revealed that the first gene to be upregulated after an injury is a Tβ4 gene. As the body begins the recovery process, Tβ4 aids in the creation of new vessels in the injured area, which carry blood, nutrients, and reparative substances to the site. Tβ4 also has anti-inflammatory properties and works to decrease the amount of inflammatory substances, called cytokines. Inflammation plays a large role in many of the symptoms associated with a number of other conditions (i.e., Lyme disease, CFS, FM, autoimmune diseases, infections, etc.), making the potential impact of Tβ4 quite extensive.

The discovery of the role of Tβ4 in the process of immune regulation has lead to its use as a valuable therapeutic agent. Tβ4 has been used in the treatment of HIV, AIDS, Influenza, colds, and various infections. It has been utilized in the management of various inflammatory conditions, as well as part of treatment following a heart attack due to its cardio and neuroprotective effects.

Tβ4 is very well tolerated and has not been found to cause any significant side effects. It can be taken on its own or in conjunction with an existing therapy, making it a versatile and valuable peptide.

Along with being found to heighten the healing of several types of tissues, BPC-157 also appears to support the longevity of cells at the sites of wounds. In fact, research showed that damaged cells responded to the potent peptide by regenerating and healing themselves at a faster rate than usual. As a result, BPC-157 offers a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Alleviates aches, pain and arthritis.

  • Promotes tissue healing and lean tissue repair.

  • Often prescribed to help protect active individuals from injuries and accelerate the overall healing process.

  • Increases collagen production.

  • Decreases inflammation.

  • Heals muscle tears and ligament damage.

  • Regenerates muscle and ligament tissue at a faster than average rate.

  • May decrease pain in damaged areas of the body.

  • Helps protect digestive function and counter the damaging effects that NSAID’s like Ibuprofen and Advil can have on the lining of the gut.

  • Increases growth hormone receptors.

  • Contains significant antioxidant qualities.

Tired of the debilitating pain and side effects of traditional anti-inflammatory treatments? Then just change the game completely. Wolverine Nasal Spray is placed in your nose and requires just 3 sprays per day. While some users have claimed to get results in the very first week, it typically takes four to six weeks to feel as though you’ve healed. Before beginning with any supplement, it’s vital to have the guidance of your healthcare physician.

Having faithfully served over 30,000 satisfied customers, Gorilla healing leads the drug free peptide based healing market and is trusted by doctors, celebrities, athletes, bodybuilders, and professional health workers across America. Our sterile and clean lab facilities are held to the highest production quality and order fulfilment standards. Healing chronic pain and injury is a big responsibility that we take seriously in order to maintain our loyal customer base and raving reviews. 

Have a look at what a few others have to say about Gorilla Healing Wolverine Nasal Spray…

At Gorilla Healing we acknowledge everyone is unique. If you do not experience healing results then we provide a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. That’s the Gorilla Healing guarantee and we stand by our product claims. 

Ditch the drugs for Gorilla Healing cuz.

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10mL (30 Day), 20mL (60 Day), 30mL (90 Day), 10mL ULTRA (30 Day), 20mL ULTRA (60 Day), 30mL ULTRA (90 Day)

Customer Reviews

Based on 1292 reviews
Brad Mcdougal
Gorilla nasal spray

I love your product and will be purchasing again.

Louis Karras
Wolverine Works

Great product, reduced injury pain tremendously!

Darwin Cavil

Excellent supplement

Christopher Eckroth
So far, so good

This stuff has been amazing. While it didn't work overnight, I am now sleeping through the night with little to no shoulder pain. It has taken 2 weeks and I am thoroughly impressed.

Robert Wilbanks
I don’t know

I don’t know if it is working or not. So many variables. Is it that I am stronger now or is it that I quit doing some exercises that seemed to be hurting my hip or is the Wolverine spray working. Also - don’t know if the nasal spray messed my sinuses up or if it is allergies. It is that time of year and I do have a sinus infection and I didn’t have one before I started Wolverine nasal spray.

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